The Journey Begins

I decided a few years ago to try my hand at making money online. My back had blown out not long after I decided at age 45 to try my hand at being a cowgirl (yeah, I know . . .) and it nearly cost me my ability to work at a regular job. I was on my hands and knees for 3 solid months and it was a year before I was able to work full time again. We were $75,000 in debt including medical bills and I was freaked out. On top of this, like many Baby Boomers, we haven’t saved enough for retirement. This back injury meant that our plans to open a ranch in Montana to help fund our retirement were out the window. I wanted to do something in case I wasn’t able to return to normal work and to replace the retirement income we’d hoped to generate from our ranch. I’d seen numerous examples of people making decent money online and I figured it was something I could do even if I couldn’t work at a regular job.

I’ve worked in the internet/computer industry for several years and figured how hard could it be, right? After all, my e-mail inbox is full of testimonials of average people making a living wage or better online. You’ve probably seen some of the same e-mails. Knowing what I know from my profession, I should be able to kill this — or so I thought . . . Well, I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve bought program after program and haven’t made one red cent. Not one. I’ve learned a lot, but I just wasn’t getting anywhere viable. I knew that I needed to kick things into high gear and that’s when I decided to get some one-on-one coaching.

I’d heard about this guy over in England who is doing very well at making money online and is successfully coaching others to do the same. His name is Alex Jeffreys. If you haven’t heard of him, do a quick search online to find out more about him. I’ve got to warn you, though. His story will bring tears to your eyes. Unlike a lot of the hype I’ve seen from others, this guy is the real deal. I decided right away that I wanted him to coach me. Well, long story short, I am now getting coached directly by Alex Jeffreys!

Even though I’ve just started working with Alex, I have to say that, so far, I’m pretty impressed.  I’ve learned way more than I ever learned in the past few years. I finally feel like I have a solid plan and am I’m on track to actually make real money online. Alex, I can’t thank you enough for this and I’m really looking forward to working with you in the months ahead.

My goal at the moment is to make at least $1 online. I figure if I can do that, I can replicate those successful actions to make even more.

I started this blog to chronicle my journey and to share with you what I learn in the hope that it will in some way help you reach your goal. I can’t promise that it will be graceful at all times, but I am determined to make it work.

Please post your comments. I’d love to hear from people like me who also want to create a business online.


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